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10 Major SEO Benefits For Your Business

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Google is the biggest search engine in the world, and getting organic traffic has many advantages. This traffic includes potential clients and an audience that is available only online. For this reason, many businesses and internet marketers focus on SEO. In this article, you will read 10 SEO benefits for your business. 

1. SEO Increases Conversion Rates

SEO is not the only traffic source on the internet. However, every company that starts using it will discover that it has bigger conversion rates than any other source of free traffic. You may use social media, participate in online communities, or get direct traffic. Once you get organic traffic from Google, you will see an increase in your conversion rates no matter if you build an email list or make direct promotions. When you target keywords in your niche, you can expect highly targeted traffic. Then, the content and calls to action will convert the traffic into leads and customers.

2. SEO Is A Primary Source Of Traffic

Once you start getting results from your SEO strategy, it is possible to become your primary source of traffic. For most online businesses, SEO is by far the biggest source of visitors and leads. It does not mean that there is no value to other alternatives. However, you can expect tons of targeted traffic. Google has a 75% share of the search engine market. So, most potential customers that will search for information in your niche will make a Google search. 

3. SEO Will Help You To Improve User Experience

SEO includes on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. While the first two are about content, keyword, and backlinks, technical SEO is about the technical parts of your website. You cannot expect good results with a slow website or a website that does not help the visitors to understand the structure. Businesses that want better results from SEO improve all the technical parts until they can offer a quality user experience. Good user experience will help with other parts of your marketing like conversions and branding.

4. SEO Builds Trust

When people find the website of a company on the first page of Google consistently, they assume that they are experts in their niche. They are right most of the time. Google doesn’t tend to rank new and unknown websites. The domain authority and the years of a website are two important ranking factors. It will take time to earn that trust from Google, but once you do it, many people that search on Google will trust your brand as well.

5. Local SEO Increases Engagement And Conversions

Local SEO is helpful to small businesses that want to attract customers in their area. Potential customers will search for products and services near them. If your company is on the results of the first page, there are many chances to visit your business or make a phone call. A local SEO strategy includes a Google My Business listing and listings on other local sites. So, your customers can leave reviews, tell their opinion about your business, and follow you on social media. The more engagement you get on the internet, the more chances you have to be discovered by new customers.

6. Buyers Use SEO To Find Information

SEO is an important part of the online buying cycle. Many buyers will search for information when they are on the research part of the process. They compare prices, read reviews, and check other versions of their products. It is a natural process because everyone wants to make good purchases and buy the best possible option. They will search for information on your products, whether you are on the first page of Google or not. However, you could just encourage their purchase if they could find you after a simple search.

7. It’s A Long-Term Strategy

It takes time to gain trust from Google and get ranked on the first page of Google. However, you will keep getting organic traffic unless you do something wrong. The long-term benefits are so important that they motivate many businesses to put time, effort, and resources into their SEO strategy. If you get ranked on the first page, you can get free and targeted traffic for years without additional investment.

8. SEO Helps With Your Other Marketing Channels

Your traffic from SEO can be used to build other marketing channels. Many websites use email forms to build their email lists or social media icons to get more shares and followers. Not every visitor will convert into a subscriber or a buyer. However, you can get more conversions in the future by giving them more channels to get your content and updates. Building a following on social media or an email list from SEO will give your business another source of income.

9. SEO Gives You A Competitive Edge

You can get more traffic and potential customers from competitors that you have outranked. If they have better rankings, they will get a bigger part of that traffic. So, SEO gives you a competitive edge directly. Many companies bid for keywords to get this valuable traffic, so you can save money as well.

10. SEO Will Keep Your Site Updated

The last benefit is that you will be up-to-date. First, you will learn to follow the trends of your industry because they become popular keywords in Google. Then, you will update your content when needed. People don’t want to read what it was working five years ago. They want the latest strategies and websites must include this information. Lastly, you will update the technical parts. You may need to create a faster website, add more features, or get new tools to improve conversions. In every part of your strategy, SEO will help you to be ahead of time.


SEO is the best long-term investment that you can do right now. Your customers will keep searching for products and information in your niche. If a business wants to reach more customers online, SEO is a great option to get started.

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